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Jamie Davidson is the owner and CEO of Davidson Landscaping and has been the chief landscaper since 2017.

As the owner and CEO of Davidson Landscaping, Jamie is the mastermind behind Davidson Landscaping, acting as its visionary leader. He leads their strategy and business efforts with expertise, ensuring that all branches of the company's operation run smoothly for optimal success.

"Jamie always does excellent work, is very responsive, and is always on time."
Jamie's Skills & Benefits

Jamie always goes the extra mile to ensure that your lawn and landscape are pristine. Some of the top benefits of working with Jamie are that he:

  • Has 14 years of proven experience as a landscaper
  • Is licensed and insured, to add another layer of protection to your home or business
  • Always on time ensuring that the work for the day can also begin on time
  • Has a strong work ethic and never looks to cut corners
  • Is equipped with the knowledge and tools to get the job done right
  • Has an eye for detail that will enhance your landscape
  • Has strong manual dexterity and problem-solving skills
  • Produces consistent high-quality results and satisfied customers
  • Is versatile when a change is needed to improve property efficiency

Most importantly Jamie is a family man who always comes to work ready to give it his all. He is fully invested in making those he serves happy, your pride is his satisfaction!